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For 22 years, Gregory Reeder has been a vigorous advocate for his clients and public servant throughout the State of Illinois. Greg is an experienced trial attorney, who aggressively fights for his clients whether they are charged with a felony or misdemeanor or going through a divorce or family law case. Greg has successfully defended clients at all stages of litigation in both criminal and civil courts with a focus in criminal defense, civil litigation divorce and juvenile law.

Outstanding Family Law Attorney

Will County Judges recognize Mr. Reeder's excellence and appoint him as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL - attorney for children) in contested family law cases where his job is to be the investigative arm of the Court. As a GAL, Mr. Reeder is entrusted to meet with children and their parents, interview witnesses, and report back to the court with recommendations as to what is in the best interest of the children. His word is relied upon by the Court in deciding what happens to the children in his charge.

When Greg represents a parent in a family law case, Greg's experience as a GAL is invaluable. For instance, when the threat that a child intended to harm herself if forced to have visitation with her father, Mr. Reeder stepped up and challenged both the father's attorney and even the Court and prevented visitation from occurring. As the attorney for the mother he made sure that the child received medical attention and that the Court made sure that her safety was the top priority of the Court. By choosing an attorney well-respected by the Court, Mr. Reeder's client was able to protect her child and make sure that her child was safe.

In an adoption case where an Aunt who had no children of her own desired to adopt her niece and move with that child to Miami, Mr. Reeder coordinated with the Aunt who was in Florida and was successful in helping his client adopt the child and move down to Florida with the child. Now the child has a new home and a loving home to grow up in. Mr. Reeder's knowledge and experience as an attorney for children's rights helped this new family start another chapter of their lives, together, in a loving home.

Outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney

Greg successfully represented a client charged with driving a vehicle with a revoked license who had had his vehicle seized by the State of Illinois. Prior to Greg entering his appearance, the client had given away his rights and pled guilty to the charge. After speaking with the client, Greg petitioned the court to have the client's plea vacated and have the charges dismissed. At both hearings, Greg was able to convince the judge that the client's plea could not have been voluntary and that the Officer's arrest of the client was without probable cause. The client, who had been anticipating a sentence of jail, was surprised that all charges had been dropped and the State was obligated to return the client his vehicle.

Greg successfully defended a client accused of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, who simply stated "I am innocent". Through extensive preparation of his witnesses and aggressive advocacy for his client, Greg was able to obtain the video tape that he had been told did not exist, that led to the exoneration of his client. His work led to a civil lawsuit against the Police Department and a monetary settlement for his truly innocent client.

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Mr. Reeder fights for his clients bringing his 22 years of defending persons charged with violating the law to serve his clients. Mr. Reeder is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law and has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy. Mr. Reeder coached youth football for five years, participated in the American Pool Association, and founded a charity softball games between attorneys and the police department in Joliet which helped raise almost $3000.00 to help feed children in Will County.

Mr. Reeder served five years as an Assistant Public Defender in Will County at the felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile divisions. While with the public defender's office, Gregory tried several jury trials including cases ranging from Traffic and Misdemeanors to Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault.

After leaving the Public Defender's Office, Greg continued to serve the public at the Law Office of Gregory M. Reeder, P.C. providing his litigation experience and advocacy to cases in Will, Grundy, Cook, Du Page, Kane, Kendall, DeKalb and McLean counties.

Greg believes that it's easier to feel comfortable when seeking representation if the lawyer and firm is knowledgeable AND understanding enough to take the time to listen to his client's situation, share his knowledge with his clients, and fight hard for their rights and never give up. Greg believes attorneys need to remember that each client is a person who is placing their lives in his hands. They are trusting that he will do right for them. That is why Greg, with each client, is straightforward and honest about their situation, about what he can do for them, and then diligently and aggressively fights for them. It's a task that Greg takes great pride and joy in meeting each and every day.

Court Admissions

  • State of Illinois Bar, 2000
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, 2007


  • Will County Bar Association
  • DuPage Bar Association


  • B.A. in History and Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • J.D., University of Illinois College of Law, Urbana-Champaign


  1. Oftentimes when advocating for a mother or father in divorce its often necessary to consider the safety and health of the children involved. On one such occasion, when the threat that a child intended to harm herself if forced to have visitation with her father, Mr. Reeder stepped up and challenged both the father's attorney and even the Court and prevented visitation from occurring. Though not the attorney for the child, he made sure that the child received medical attention and that the Court made sure that her safety was the top priority of the Court.
  2. Driving is a privilege that we sometimes take for granted until that privilege is taken from us. Mr. Reeder has helped his clients fight to regain their privileges and restore their sense of being and self-worth. He has aided his client in getting both a BAIID device after losing his license privileges and spent the time to work with his client to ease his nervousness with the reinstatement hearing process. Today that man has his license and was able to take a promotion with his employer now that he has his ability to drive.
  3. In a neighborhood dispute where three separate neighbors came to court with their attorneys in an attempt to force out a couple and their son from living and enjoying their condo, Mr. Reeder successfully defended them at trial. When all sides attacked, only Mr. Reeder's client came out with all charges against him dismissed and the use of his property preserved.
  4. When a client was charged with domestic battery, Mr. Reeder travelled to Kendall county jail for a bail hearing on Saturday morning and secured the release of his client. Though this was the client's first charge of any kind, the State pursued these charges up to the point of upgrading them to felony charges. With the threat of prison, Mr. Reeder never wavered in his support of his client and prepared his defense for trial. Despite allegations of a video tape of the incident, the testimony of two witnesses and the Officer, Mr. Reeder successfully proved that the charges were false and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty after less than 30 minutes.
  5. A young man who had once was a great athlete found himself caught into a cycle of drugs and bad choices. One of those bad choices led to breaking and entering into a residence and stealing items in order to support his habit. Mr. Reeder was able to get the bond lowered so that the 19 year could get into a treatment program as soon as possible and demonstrate that he could beat the addiction that had been the source of many of the problems he had encountered. The end result was that the young man went through treatment and as such had his charged reduced and an opportunity to complete probation without having a felony charge on his background.
  6. A father accused of a sexual offense against a family member came to the Mevorah Law Office and looked for someone to believe him. That person not only believed him, but worked with his family that had been divided by the incident and the charges against him. That person also went to trial against the State and the father was acquitted of all charges without ever needing to put on a defense. The fathers name and record were cleared, by Mr. Reeder's work and knowledge of the law.
  7. An aunt who had no children of her own, desired to adopt a child within her family and move that child with her to Miami. Though the adoption process was complicated, Mr. Reeder and the Mevorah Law Office kept the client informed of her court dates while in Florida and prepared her for the process of adoption through the Court's system. The adoption went through and now a child has a mother, and a new mother was able to love a child who was now her own.
  8. A veteran came to court on a petition to revoke his sentence for failing to show proof of completion of the terms of his court supervision. When that client was taken into custody and given a 180 day sentence, Mr. Reeder filed a motion in time to reconsider the sentence of the Court. He obtained the necessary medical releases, travelled to the VA hospital in Maywood while running through the hallways was able to issue the subpoena in time for records that showed that the veteran had completed his treatment. The client, who was suffering severe back trauma while incarcerated and slept on a hard mattress which aggravated his injuries, could not secure his own release without difficulty. Yet, Mr. Reeder through his quick work got the client released from custody and had the sentence terminated.
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