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While some jurisdictions are relaxing statutes that address theft and property crimes, at least at the misdemeanor level, theft laws in Illinois are among the strictest in the country. In addition to stiff criminal penalties, the legal terms are very broadly defined, and convictions may expose offenders to additional civil liability. These laws are also vigorously enforced. Gone are the days when prosecutors routinely dismissed cases if restitution was made or the property was returned. Now, almost every arrest is followed by an aggressive prosecution.

Fortunately, the experienced attorneys at Reeder & Brown, P.C. are equipped to help you meet the challenges you may be facing when charged with a theft crime. We quickly identify all legal and factual defenses, including those that are unique to individual cases and the ones that apply to theft matters in general. Then, we leverage these defenses into the most favorable outcome possible, whether that resolution comes at a trial or through a negotiated settlement.

Theft Crimes Defense in Bolingbrook

Section 16-25 of the Illinois Criminal Code defines "theft" as obtaining control of another person's property, whether by deception, threat, or simply taking the property from the owner. It is also considered theft to obtain control over property with the knowledge or reasonable belief that the property was stolen. Theft crimes are often charged in conjunction with offenses such as burglary and robbery.

Retail theft is among the most common forms of theft, and while most are familiar with the concept of shoplifting, there are many other ways to commit retail theft, including:

  • Under-ringing merchandise;
  • Disable anti-theft devices and security tags;
  • Switching price tags; and
  • Removing a shopping cart from the premises of a retail outlet.

Mokena Theft and Shoplifting Defense Counsel

In a similar fashion to drug crimes, the law classifies theft primarily based on the amount allegedly stolen, the defendant's criminal history, and other factors. A theft crime may range in severity from a Class A Misdemeanor to a Class 3 Felony, with more serious charges for the alleged theft of more valuable charges. Those convicted on theft charges may face lengthy prison terms and expensive fines in addition to paying restitution to the victim.

The experienced attorneys at Reeder & Brown, P.C. understand that a theft charge has the power to affect the rest of your life. We will conduct a full investigation into the circumstances of your case looking for any and all information that can be used in building your defense. You can rely on our team to provide the aggressive yet responsible representation you need when facing criminal charges for theft.

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