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While public opinion and state laws regarding certain drugs continue to evolve around the country, few debate the seriousness of heroin-related crimes. It is nearly impossible to overstate the dangers that heroin use and abuse present to individuals, families, and communities. Charges of heroin-related offenses carry severe penalties that could change your life forever. At Reeder & Brown, P.C., we are equipped to provide aggressive yet responsible representation to clients throughout the region charged with possession of heroin and other drug crimes or related criminal offenses.

Illinois Drug Felony Defense Lawyer

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that is processed from opium, a naturally occurring compound that can be extracted from certain types of poppy plants. It is one of the most dangerous and destructive recreational drugs in the world. Because it has no recognized medical use and has a high potential for abuse, heroin is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. Due to the drug's classification as a Schedule I drug, heroin-related crimes are aggressively prosecuted, and those who are charged with such offenses face lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines.

There is no such thing as a minor heroin-related charge. Possession of even a single gram of heroin is prosecutable as a Class 4 felony, punishable by 1-3 years in prison and fines of up to $25,000. Possession of a larger amount or charges related to the sale, delivery, manufacturing, or trafficking of heroin will result in even more serious charges and more severe penalties—up to 60 years in prison for certain sales and trafficking charges.

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When you have been charged with a heroin-related offense, you need an advocate who will fight to ensure that your rights are not compromised. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Reeder & Brown, P.C. begin every case with an extensive investigation into the circumstances of the arrest, any searches conducted by law enforcement, and evidence seized in those searches. If a search was conducted without a warrant or was illegal for any reason, the prosecutor's entire case may be in jeopardy. We will look for any relevant information that can help us build a comprehensive defense against the charges you are facing.

While we realize that some cases are best handled by negotiating a plea deal with law enforcement and prosecutors, we are not afraid to take your matter before a judge or jury. Our lawyers are experienced criminal defense litigators who will fight on your behalf before, during, and after a courtroom trial. With so much on the line, you can count on our attorneys to provide the tenacious representation you deserve.

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