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Will County Parenting Time Lawyers

Will County Parenting Time Lawyer

Attorneys Handling Child Custody and Visitation Disputes in Joliet and Plainfield

When parents divorce, one of the biggest points of contention can be the allocation of parenting time. One parent may want a near-equal division of parenting time, an approach previously called joint physical custody but now called shared parenting time. Or, one parent may want to limit the other's parenting time to just a few days per month. Transportation between homes, changing school districts, vacation plans, and holiday sharing can also be points of disagreement.

At the law offices of Reeder & Brown, P.C., we understand that the prospect of not seeing your children on a daily basis can be distressing. Adjusting to new routines can be stressful for everyone.

It can be helpful to remember that, in the vast majority of cases, children benefit from having a close relationship with both of their parents. While you may not always have physical care of your children, you can create a parenting time plan that provides for daily contact with your children through phone calls, instant messaging, and video calling.

We have over 30 years' combined experience in negotiating parenting time schedules for families in a variety of circumstances. Depending on your unique needs, we will help you thoughtfully craft a solution that addresses both parents' needs and provides the best outcome for your children.

Illinois Laws on Parenting Time

At Reeder & Brown, our goal is to help you build a parenting time schedule that will work well for you over the long haul. When changes are needed to accommodate new work, school, or activity schedules, we can help you with court order modification, enforcement, and relocation issues.

Factors to consider in the allocation of parenting time. See our parental responsibilities page for the list of factors that the court considers; we typically discuss these factors in negotiations as well.

Shared parenting time. If you choose a shared parenting time schedule, wherein each parent has the children for at least 146 overnights annually (40% of the year), this will substantially alter the amount of child support that one parent pays to another.

  • Suppose the basic support obligation per month is $2,173.
  • Assuming the father's net income is 75% of the parents' combined net income, and he has the children for less than 40% of the year, he would pay the mother ($2,173 x .75) = $1,630 in child support each month
  • Now assume the children will spend 40% of their time with the father and 60% with the mother. In this shared parenting time situation, we start by multiplying the basic support obligation by a factor of 1.5 to account for the increased expenses involved in maintaining two complete homes for the children and frequent back-and-forth transportation. The total support obligation is now $3,260.
  • Since the father's net income is 75% of the parents' combined net income, the father will be responsible for $2,445 and the mother for $815.
  • The father's obligation is adjusted by the proportion of time the mother has the children: ($2,445 x 0.60) = $1,467. The mother's obligation is adjusted by the percentage of time the father has the children: ($815 x 0.40) = $326. The obligor, the father in this case, pays the difference between the two amounts to the mother: ($1,467 – $326) = $1,141.

Joliet Parenting Time Lawyers

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