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4 Things to Consider When Making a Parenting Time Schedule

Posted on in Divorce

Joliet parenting time lawyerWhen parents divorce, children will likely share time between the two parents. To avoid having the important decisions related to your children decided by a judge, you and your spouse are encouraged to work together to negotiate a parenting plan, also known as the allocation of parental responsibilities. In addition to deciding how important decisions regarding the children will be made, the plan will also include a parenting time schedule. This schedule will allocate when each parent has physical care of the children, during which time they have the sole responsibility to make routine daily decisions as well as emergency decisions about the children’s health and safety.

Parenting Time Schedule Tips for Illinois Families

When negotiating the parenting time schedule with your spouse, it can be difficult to put the difficulties of the divorce behind you and cooperate. However, it is helpful to take a step back and remember that the schedule should be set up to help your children succeed in their new living environment.

Here are a few aspects to consider when planning a parenting schedule:

  • Before setting a schedule in place, consider what it will be like for your children to follow the schedule day by day. Since they have become accustomed to living with both parents in the same house, consider whether they will find the new schedule too hectic and become overwhelmed, or whether it will allow them the time to feel as comfortable as they can given the circumstances.
  • Make sure that the transportation arrangements are feasible for both parents. This includes rides to and from school, activities, as well as between the new homes. If applicable, look at your current childcare or babysitter arrangements and whether those will be impacted by the proposed schedule. Also, be sure to consider extracurricular activities, including those that are year-round and seasonal.
  • Provide your children with the opportunity to give input on the plan. If they are too young, they may not understand it, but the older they are, the more they will appreciate being included and may be able to provide good insights.
  • For parents of children with special needs, there may be other unique challenges that need to be considered. You know your child and their needs best, so you should work together to set up an arrangement that allows them to thrive.

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