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IL defense lawyerAlthough marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Illinois, other controlled substances continue to be illegal without a prescription. Possession of an illegal drug carries charges and penalties that can vary according to substance; for example, having even .05 grams of heroin, which is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, allows for felony charges, including prison time.

In addition to the illegality of using or selling controlled substances, drug paraphernalia - such as pipes, bongs, or hypodermic needles - is illegal to possess or sell as well. Charges of possession of drug paraphernalia are serious and Illinois is notoriously hard on drug crimes. In this blog post, we will answer some general questions about drug paraphernalia charges, but each case is unique and a qualified Illinois criminal defense attorney is the best person to answer your questions.

What Counts as Drug Paraphernalia?

Certain materials are clearly drug paraphernalia, but there may be some question about others. For example, if heroin is found in a backpack, is that backpack paraphernalia? It depends. Illinois law defines drug paraphernalia as materials used for the following purposes:

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