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The Dos and Don'ts of Being Arrested in Joliet

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Joliet criminal defense lawyer, arrested in Joliet,  police arrests, unlawful arrest, Illinois criminal caseNo one likes being arrested—not in Joliet and not anywhere else in the country. It can be an upsetting and frightening experience for you and for any family or friends who witness a police officer placing cuffs on you.

In light of recent police arrests across the country that have resulted in serious injury or death to the suspect being arrested, you may wonder what you should and should not do in such a situation.

Tips for a “Successful” Arrest Encounter

For suspects and those accused of a crime, a “successful” arrest is one in which you survive and do not further incriminate yourself. This can be accomplished by following these tips:

  • DO remain polite and professional with the officer. DO NOT argue, raise your voice, threaten the officer, or resist arrest. Being combative, boisterous, or not following instructions will only escalate the situation and may result in the imposition of additional criminal charges.
  • DO follow the instructions of law enforcement. DO NOT assume the officer knows or should know that you do not pose a threat. Many encounters with police officers become violent because the officer erroneously assumes that the suspect is about ready to attack the officer. By following the officer’s instructions, you can help prevent the officer from coming to this conclusion in your case.
  • DO provide the officer basic information. DO NOT speak to the officer without your attorney present. The officer is entitled to ask you for your name and basic biographical information in order to ascertain your identity and determine if you have any warrants out for your arrest. However, you have the right (and you should exercise the right) to refuse to answer any other questions without first speaking with your lawyer. Even if you have “nothing to hide,” it is usually a bad idea to speak with officers without your attorney being present.
  • DO speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. DO NOT assume your arrest was lawful or you have no recourse. While you do not have a right to resist an unlawful arrest, an officer who arrests you in violation of your rights may be sanctioned by the court in any subsequent criminal proceeding that follows this arrest. These “sanctions” that a court can impose include excluding any information or evidence the officer obtained as a result of the arrest from any criminal proceeding.

When Should I Call My Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Following your arrest, contact your passionate Joliet criminal defense lawyer at the Reeder & Brown, P.C. as soon as possible. We will take swift action to help secure your release and will fight aggressively against any unlawful or unethical police tactics that occurred during your arrest. Contact Reeder & Brown, P.C. by phone at 815-885-5980, or by completing the firm’s online contact form, and get knowledgeable and committed help with your criminal charges.


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