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Experts Recommend Avoiding Social Media During a Divorce

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Joliet divorce attorneysSocial media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others are a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Status updates, pictures, and opinions are regularly shared, giving the world a cultivated view into people’s lives. However, during the divorce process, social media posts can receive greater scrutiny as your assets and your behavior could be factored into the final divorce settlement. It would be wise to limit or eliminate your social media presence if you are going through a divorce.

Ways Social Media Could Affect a Divorce

A preoccupation with social media can drive many couples apart. Many studies have shown a link between increased social media use and decreased marriage quality. It is even possible social media played a role in the end of your marriage, as has recently been cited in up to 20 percent of cases by divorce lawyers. You should not let a preoccupation with online posts continue into the divorce proceedings.

Here are some that the process could be impacted by social media posts:

  • Marital property division and spousal support– Showing off your new car purchase or luxurious vacation could backfire when claiming you have few assets or that you need regular spousal support payments after your marriage ends.
  • Child custody – Posts showing alcohol or drug use or other questionable behavior could be used against you when decisions are made about the allocation of parental responsibilities. The same is true with negative posts about your spouse or their family.
  • Proof of infidelity – While Illinois is a no-fault state and infidelity can no longer be used as grounds for a divorce, negative behaviors like cheating can still be used against you if they can be shown to compromise the well-being or best interests of your children.

While online behavior might not be used against you, it is better to be prudent and not invite extra scrutiny. You can even go back and remove old posts or untag yourself from posts by your friends. By logging off your accounts, you can also take the time to focus on your own self-care during what can be an emotionally and physically draining time of your life.

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