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How Can I Expunge My Child's Juvenile Records in Illinois?

 Posted on August 18,2023 in Criminal Law

Joliet Criminal LawyerParents want the best for their children. So if your child runs into legal trouble, your first instinct is to protect them. In truth, no child deserves lasting consequences for a simple mistake in their youth. If your child has a juvenile record, there are steps you can take toward expungement, especially with the help of a credible juvenile law attorney. 

What Offenses Are Expungeable?

Expungement is a legal procedure that conceals certain criminal records from the public eye. This process offers young people a fresh start in life. It is no secret that a criminal record can cut you off from various opportunities. 

In some cases, expungement is automatically applied. But not everyone has that benefit, and not all juvenile records in Illinois are eligible for expungement. If your child satisfies the requirements listed below, they may qualify: 

  • Minor was arrested but did not go to court 

  • Trial did not result in a guilty verdict 

  • Minor was sentenced and completed supervision, probation, and other forms of aftercare 

  • Minor was accused of a Class B or C misdemeanor, not a serious felony 

Here are a couple of scenarios where expungement is not possible: 

  • Found guilty of a first-degree murder

  • Found guilty of a felony sex offense 

What Does the Expungement Process Look Like?

First, collect relevant documents about your child's case, such as dates, case numbers, and results. You may have to contact the juvenile court to get these records. These formal records make it easier to complete the petition for expungement. 

The petition form allows the parent to explain their intention behind the expungement. It is also expected that all parties involved are aware. This action ensures that they can have an opportunity to challenge the expungement if they believe it is necessary. 

The court system may require a hearing to evaluate the petition. At this hearing, you will be expected to provide proof that the minor’s behavior has improved. Depending on the crime, there may be a waiting period before you can start the expungement process. Once the court approves, the public can no longer access your minor’s juvenile record. 

Contact a Plainfield Juvenile Defense Attorney 

The legal procedure behind expungement may seem simple, but any errors can prolong the process. You can help your child get a more promising and favorable future with the help of a juvenile defense attorney. They can streamline the process by ensuring the necessary documents are sent and filled out correctly. 

Reeder & Brown, P.C. is dedicated to defending your child's future and rights in the legal system. Our knowledgeable Will County, IL, juvenile defense attorneys will take every precaution to protect those rights. Call us at 815-885-5980 to schedule a free consultation. 

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