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Understanding the Ways You Can Pay Child Support in Illinois 

 Posted on March 19, 2024 in Family Law

Will County, IL child support lawyerWhen it comes to child support payments in Illinois, understanding the various payment options available is crucial for both parents involved. From wage withholding to electronic payments and mailed payments, there are several methods to ensure timely and consistent support for children. If child support is relevant in your divorce proceedings, a dedicated attorney can ensure you understand your rights and options.

At Reeder & Brown, P.C., our compassionate legal counselors have immense knowledge and experience in matters related to family law and divorce in Illinois. Regardless of what legal goals you are looking to accomplish, Attorney Brown and Attorney Reeder are ready to provide you with the representation you need and deserve.

Wage Withholding as a Child Support Payment Option

One of Illinois's most common methods of child support payment is through wage withholding. This process involves automatically deducting child support payments from the paying parent's paycheck by their employer. By setting up a wage withholding order, the payments are directly sent to the Illinois State Disbursement Unit, ensuring timely and consistent support for the child.

Electronic Payments as a Child Support Payment Option

Electronic payments are another convenient option for making child support payments in Illinois. Parents can choose to make payments online through the Illinois State Disbursement Unit's website, allowing for quick and secure transactions. Electronic payments offer a hassle-free way to ensure that child support payments are made on time, without the need for physical checks or visits to the bank.

Mailed Payments as a Child Support Payment Option

For parents who prefer a more traditional approach, mailed payments remain a viable option for child support in Illinois. Parents can fulfill their child support obligations through regular mail by sending a check or money order to the Illinois State Disbursement Unit. While this method may take longer than electronic payments, it provides a tangible paper trail for both parties involved.

Contact a Will County, IL Child Support Attorney

Understanding the payment options available for child support in Illinois is essential for ensuring the well-being of children and making the child support payment process easy. Parents have multiple avenues to fulfill their support obligations, whether through wage withholding, electronic payments, or mailed payments. By choosing the method that best suits their needs, parents can contribute to their children's financial stability and care effectively. Contact the skilled Joliet, IL child support lawyers with Reeder & Brown, P.C. for representation involving child support and other family law matters. Call 815-885-5980 for a free consultation.

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