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Why is Establishing Paternity Important?  

 Posted on April 26, 2023 in Paternity

Joliet Paternity LawyerEstablishing paternity is an essential legal process that determines the father of a child. In Illinois, paternity can be established in several ways, including through marriage, voluntary acknowledgment, or court order. While establishing paternity is important for both mothers and fathers, we are going to focus on why it is especially important for fathers in Illinois. For matters pertaining to paternity, do not hesitate to contact a paternity lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and advocated for throughout the legal process.  

Importance of Establishing Paternity

Reasons that parents should prioritze establishing paternity including the following:

  • Establishing Parental Rights – One of the most significant reasons why fathers must establish paternity is to establish parental rights. Without legal paternity, fathers may have limited or no rights to decide on their child’s health, education, or other important matters. Establishing paternity ensures that fathers have a legal right to be involved in their child’s life, including making crucial decisions about their upbringing.

  • Establishing Child Support Obligations – In Illinois, once paternity is established, fathers may be legally obligated to provide child support for their children. Child support is intended to provide for a child’s basic needs, such as housing, food, clothing, and medical care. Establishing paternity ensures that fathers are held responsible for supporting their children financially. 

  • Establishing Inheritance Rights – Another important reason fathers need to establish paternity is to establish inheritance rights. For example, in Illinois, if a father dies without a will, his child may not be entitled to any of the estate. However, if paternity is established, the child may have a legal right to inherit from their father’s estate.

  • Establishing Medical History – Establishing paternity can also be necessary for a child’s medical history. For example, knowing a child’s biological father can provide important information about the child’s risk of certain medical conditions, such as genetic disorders. This information can be important for making informed decisions about the child’s healthcare. 

  • Establishing a Father-Child Relationship – Finally, establishing paternity can be important for establishing a father-child relationship. For many fathers, having a legal relationship with their children is an important emotional bond. Establishing paternity can help fathers feel more connected to their children and provide a sense of stability and security for the child. 

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